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About Episteme

We at Episteme believe in providing technological solutions to problem areas which defines the future of industries. We strongly believe that technology in modern times is bare essential requirement for businesses and effectively utilizing it will provide exponential results.

Providing Technology consulting to enterprises across diverse business verticals, from FMCG to heavy engineering and manufacturing firms. We provide services which helps such enterprises to fully tap digital world and reap fruitful results.

Our work and product portfolio is diverse ranging from E-Commerce portals, Mobile applications, and dedicated standalone applications suiting specific requirements. We are also currently undergoing transition to develop three products which will come under the umbrella of SaaS (Software as a Service) paradigm. We are also staunch advocates of supporting digital technologies which can help SME / MSME (Small & Medium size Enterprises), and equipping them with technology to undergo rapid growth results.

We are also concerned with growing security threats which arise due to rampant penetration of digital technology. We are amongst the few within India to understand these concerns and provide adequate preventative measures and identify various sophisticated attack vectors and provide catastrophic recovery measures to industries.

As technology is progressing at exponential rates, it is better for individuals and corporations to adapt to growing trends. We are now venturing into areas of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to provide sophisticated tools and services to enterprises to fully tap this growing market.



Making technology accessible and convenient for every individuals and organizations, and helping them to fully harvest benefits of digital revolution


1. Identifying growing demands of enterprises and fully catering to their demands

2. Equipping them with sophisticated technologies to understand their customers better.

3. Helping organizations to improve their overall business process, ranging from customer relations towards revenue generation.

Our Services

Web, E-Commerce, and Mobile Apps Development

Our portfolio consists of vast number of projects related to websites of corporations and E-commerce platform development. We cater to requirements of established companies as well as providing platform for MSME Firms.


Business Process and Analytics

Providing state-of-the art tools and developing business process with sole intent of drastically adding value to an organization, we offer business services such as CRM and Leads Management, Teams and workflow management, Payroll, Inventory, Finance and Sales management modules as part of overall Enterprise Infrastructure development.


Cybersecurity and Threat Analysis

We provide cyber-security services such as identification of threat vectors, preventative measures, threat and vulnerability analysis, network security, and providing security policy implementation for enterprises.

Under attack? Call us right away and we will provide measures to mitigate attack and provide next action plan (NAP)


Embedded Systems, IOT and Mechatronics

We provide embedded and IOT platform development for hardware driven requirements of organizations. We develop products according to requirements ranging from bio-metric authentication, NFC, RFID, Sensors and Transducer implementation driven requirements.

We also cater mechatronics related requirements of our clients ranging from CNC Plotter towards self-driving and pathfinding bots.

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Cybersecurity myths and reasons for negligience

Cybersecurity plays an integral role in the realm of good business models. You’d be hard pressed to come across an enterprise which doesn’t have some form of cybersecurity policy as part of its infrastructure. But even cybersecurity programs built with good intentions can fall short. Why? The best intentions are often based on an array…

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Clientbase in more than 20 countries worldwide, our main focus is having global presence and enjoying mutually good relations with our clients:

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