Prevention and mitigation of cyber space attacks. Identify vulnerabilities, developing NAP (Next Action plans) for catastrophic events are key features of Episteme. Because of growing instances of cyber attack it is vital for organizations to invest in cyber security. Cyber threats are omnipresent but because of lack of necessary information the often go unnoticed.

Cyber Attack A01

Why Cybersecurity is essential?

With growing penetration of digital systems there it is susceptible to various forms of attacks and breaches for monetary, strategic, and political benefits.

It is not only evident for large corporations but also small and medium sized firms, even individuals are affected by it one way or the other.That’s why it is necessary for us to provide proactive as well as catastrophic recovery measures for the security of organiztion.


What Episteme provides?

  1. Operational Security (OPSEC)
  2. Identification of vulnerabilities
  3. Continuous Evaluation Process
  4. Security Audits
  5. Organization Policy, Network Policy
  6. Network Security
  7. Application Vulnerability Testing
  8. Penetration Testing
  9. Malware Analysis and Suspicious Application Analysis
  10. Application Forensics
  11. IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems)
  12. Government and Law Enforcement Compliances
  13. Comprehensive Security Audits
  14. Corporate Training
  15. Low Cost SME Consultations for startups and SME


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